The Need for a Code of Ethics on Internet Usage

To understand the issue of internet ethics, you must first have a basic understanding of how the internet actually works.
Although the internet actually came into being by the American military in 1969, it wasn’t until 1989 that the World Wide Web was created in Switzerland. Today there are some 400 million people regularly using the internet for both personal and business matters.

The internet was originally designed as a closed network for military and then academic purposes and, because of this closed nature dealing with specific issues, the problem of online ethics was not foreseen.

Only the intellectual few were able to use the internet in its early days and as such, a set of values seen as inherent in these individuals was basically seen as the ‘code of conduct’. Therefore, acceptance of disagreement and aversion to restraint were seen as acceptable at that time.

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Important Information About Hughes Satellite Internet

Many different high-speed internet services are on the market. However, there is one satellite Internet service that is ranked above all the rest; it is known as Hughes Satellite Internet. There are more than 325,000 subscribers to Hughes Satellite Internet, which should prove that it is a trusted company for businesses and for homes. People are attracted to, and pleased by, the company. Continue reading to better understand the high demand for HughesNet Satellite Internet Broadband and why it is helpful for both homes and businesses.


Other alternatives for Internet connection include dial-up, DSL, and cable connection. Dial-up is the cheapest and slowest option. Many homes are either not connected to cable or are located at too great a distance from the telephone office to use DSL. Hughes Satellite Internet has the answer, and sudden severe weather issues are no longer an issue when it comes to interference.

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Internet Marketing Tips For The Aspiring Online Marketer

When you start out in the business of internet marketing, there is no doubt you will need some internet marketing tips to help you along. Useful internet marketing tips can save you an enormous amount of time, not to mention money by buying a heap of questionable ebooks.

On your quest for useful internet marketing tips, you will no doubt find that you will become afflicted by information overload. There are so many internet marketing tips out there that you will be swamped. Some of the advice will even be conflicting.

Not only that, but in chasing internet marketing tips, you will also end up subscribing to a heap of email newsletters and start getting swamped by offers. All of them will claim to have the best internet marketing program on the planet.

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Satellite Internet Access Use With VOIP

When you live out in the country and want high speed Internet service dial-up Internet access simply doesn’t make it. Satellite Internet access is your best option to enjoy broadband Internet access. There are two different types of satellite Internet access, one-way satellite service and two-way satellite Internet access.

A one-way satellite Internet system uses your telephone line for the upload page request. After the page request is received the satellite sends the download signal. One-way access is still a lot faster than dial-up Internet access, but aren’t you trying to get rid of dial-up and not tie up your phone line? If tying up your phone isn’t an issue to you, one-way access is somewhat reliable but the companies that offer the service are not. Most of these are startup companies that are way under capitalized.

Two-way satellite Internet access has a dish mounted on your home or business that sends the upload page request signal up to the satellite. This eliminates tying up your phone line or adding additional expense for a second line. Two-way satellite Internet service works very similar to satellite TV systems. You will enjoy fast and reliable Internet service.

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