The Internet as a Communication Tool

What is Using the Internet as a Communication Tool?

The Internet has become for many Americans and others around the world a major channel for communication. Three of these tools for communication that Internet users take advantage of are email, Instant Messaging, and asynchronous discussions. Through email, the Internet has replaced to a large degree the U.S. Postal service because of the speed and convenience by which communication is made possible and which many prefer. Email (electronic mail) is communication through the electronic communications system. Through email, messages are typed, sent, stored on ones computer, and retrieved. A message can be composed and sent to multiple addresses, and massages that are received can be forwarded on to new recipients. Billions of emails are sent out throughout the world every day. The are received within by the recipients usually within moments. For educational purposes, email has been an important tool by which instructors at the elementary and secondary level and parents can keep communication lines open. It has also helped students maintain a closer contact with instructors at all levels of education.

Instant messaging is another tool with which to communicate online. Instant messaging, or IM, is more instantaneous than email. With IM, a user maintains a list of people with whom she wants to communicate, called her buddy list. When she goes online, she can check her buddy list to see who else is online and can communicate with anyone else on her list who is online. Like email, with IM the users communicate by typing their messages to one another. The messages show up on a small window on the computer screen. Both the user and her buddy can see the messages on their screens. As soon as she types and sends her message, both users can see the message and the messages stay up for the duration of the conversation. On IM, a user can also send vidoes, images, files, links to websites, and sounds. Instant messaging can also be set up to work like a phone. Most cell phones are capable of sending instant messages.

Asynchronous discussion is an educational online tool by which instructors and students can interact via discussions without the constraints of time and classrooms. An effort is made in asynchronous discussions to mimic the traditional discussions of face-to-face classroom. The asynchronous discussions typically require that students provide their own reflection or critical analysis of the topic being discussed. Rubrics have been drawn up to ensure quality discussions from the students.

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Don’t Fear the Network: The Internet Is Changing the Way We Communicate for the Better

It seems pretty obvious to most observers that our social networks have changed in the past few decades thanks to technology. The widespread use of cell phones, the increasing affordability of air travel, the rise of the Internet, and the advent of social media have changed the way we work, the way we live, and the way we make and maintain friendships.

For some, this is cause for concern. We are, perhaps, too wired—more attuned to events and friends thousands of miles away than to what’s going on right in front of our faces, more likely to share cat videos over smartphones than to play catch in our backyards. Perhaps these technological changes are compelling us to withdraw from the physical world, promoting antisocial behavior and undermining our true relationships.

Last week, I attended a lecture on this topic by Barry Wellman at the Political Networks Conference in Montreal. Wellman is a sociologist and the director of NetLab at the University of Toronto, and has been studying the role of social networks and technology for decades.

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Is an Internet Phone Right for You?

If you’re as old as I am, you remember when phones were simple. You had one company–AT&T–for local and long distance calls. There were no choices to make or risks to weigh. You dialed and you paid, just like everyone else.

Is VoIP service right for you? We’ll answer your questions about the new generation of Internet phone services.

What the heck is it anyway?

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Comcast Can Meet All Your Telecommunications Needs

Technology now offers the ability to access incredible communications, entertainment, and information from the convenience of home. For all these needs, getting the right service provider is imperative because the wrong provider can make it difficult to take full advantage of these technologies. Comcast is the perfect choice for a provider for all your telecommunications needs because it offers a wide array of services, including cable television, telephone, and Internet access, and it provides an unbeatable level of quality.

Digital phone service is one of the newest services to be offered and is proving to be very impressive. Comcast’s telephone service offers features that normally cost a lot extra for one low base price. This enables you to get more convenient and flexible telephone service without spending extra money. Among the features included with every plan are caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and voice mail. What is especially impressive about this phone service is that fact that it includes all local and long distance calls. Whether you are calling your home town friend or your parents who live across the country, you will not have to shell out any more than the normal monthly rate. Comcast ‘s phone service is a great way to save money and to eliminate the annoyance of excessive phone bills.

Comcast’s high speed Internet access is as impressive as its phone service. If you have been using slow dial up to access the Internet, you will find the speed and ease of use of cable-based Internet especially attractive. With its incredible speed of over 8 megabytes per second, Comcast’s broadband Internet is a much better option for accessing the wealth of information and entertainment available online. These days, every online site runs slowly or sometimes not at all with dial up. A higher speed connection is a must, especially if you want to be able to access online social sites like Second Life, news clips and audio files from sites like CNN or NPR, or video content from YouTube. A high speed Internet connection also gives you the ability to download songs or movies to keep you entertained for hours.

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